One step From Assisted Living

I am back from my first road trip with new hubby, Ron. We drove to Myrtle Beach and back to visit my daughter and to visit the beach. I’m not sure which is more therapeutic for me but I was glad to see both.

Moment of parental pride: My daughter, Lisa just earned her masters degree in education. I am a proud mom!

While there the hotel security informed us that they wanted us to move our car from the space that the hotel desk clerk told us to put it in to a handicap spot that he (the security guard) preferred. What a bother! Ron went down to move the car and I went out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean to read my book shutting the balcony door behind me.  Ron forgot his key.

30 minutes later – (it’s a good thing I’m not that avid a reader!) I came into the room to tell Ron about what I just read and he was strangely missing. I called him. His cell phone rang – from the other side of the hotel room. He didn’t take his phone either.  Poor Ron – locked out of the room and unable to reach me.  Just then he pounded on the door and we were reunited.

He made many comments in the days to come about how I locked him out of the room. hmmm.  Not sure that’s an accurate account of events but I chose to laugh along with him.

Fast forward two days – we’re on our way home thru the mountains of West Virginia. We stop for gas at the only gas station in town only to find every pump is being used by motorcyclist.  There is one pump where the cycle is not in front of the pump so we pull in to fill er up. As soon as Ron gets out of the car the cyclist comes out of the gas station yelling at us that he is next to use that pump.  Ron gets back in the car.  Other cyclist start to come out of the store so we opt to move on down the road to the next exit.  It was upsetting and alarming. So alarming that Ron forgot to close the door on the gas tank and the cap was flopping around as we drove down the highway.

He pulls over on a narrow strip of pavement alongside the mountain and he waits for the traffic behind us to pass. He then jumps out of the car and attempts to return the gas cap to its rightful place.  It is at this moment that I notice the scenery around me seem to be moving.  I am sitting in the passenger seat on highway 77 and the car seems to rolling backwards. This is not good.

Ron is quick for his age.  He thinks on his feet. I was thankful that he managed to stay on his feet as he jerked open the door and jumped into the car as it rolled away.  He hit the brake and then put the car in park – something he apparently failed to do before jumping out.

We laughed.  All’s well that ends well. It could have ended rather badly. I figure being locked out of a hotel room does not compare to rolling into oncoming traffic on the side of a mountain.

It’s good to be home. We made it safely back to our house. We sat on that highway for two hours while they cleaned up the accident with two trucks. We marveled at how God had helped us to get gas and lunch and delay us just long enough to arrive at that accident just AFTER it happened. Maybe 2 to 5 minutes after. God was clearly riding along with us.  His angels were working hard that day just to keep us out of harms way.  We’re staying home for a while just to give them a rest.

Footnote:  I haven’t blogged in several weeks.  I began this blog 5 years ago to help us all grieve.  My grieving is for the most part, complete.  Yes, grief does finally lift and all that is left is memories and the love you shared with your deceased.  There is life after loss.  There is even love after loss.  I am now living in the good days – days filled with loving memories of David and days filled with new love and new adventures, new purpose and hope. God is good. Trust Him.  He’s really the only thing in life that is always reliable, always faithful, always present, always true.





About Karen Lavrack

Karen Lavrack is a pastor and writer starting a new life in Holland Michigan with her new husband, Ron. She writes about the joys and challenges of starting over.
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